Does Lanvin ♥ H&M?

As someone who insisted they would only look and not buy any of the Lanvin for H&M collection, once I saw all the shoppers on Regent Street with their specially designed carrier bags for the collection on the 23rd, I couldn't resist taking a look at what the hype was really about.

Despite warnings that the collection would sell out in under an hour, there were still many pieces left a little before lunchtime (although admittedly most were the larger sizes). For my part I was left a little disappointed by the quality of some of the garments after all the marketing and hints that this collection actually used far more superior materials than the usuals on the high street. That didn't stop me from buying a cute t-shirt dress and skirt though, and I hand it to H&M for its strategies of giving the buyer a free Lanvin for H&M scarf and cloth bag with every purchase, ensuring there was no bitter taste left after such a highly anticipated collaboration.

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