Snow is falling...

The holiday season has arrived equipped with plenty of snow and festive cheer. Cue the emergence of a very seasonal red (and extremely warm) jumper, my newest acquisition from H&M, as I try and keep as fashionably warm as possible. I will have limited internet over the holiday period so my posts may be more sporadic than usual...but, after all, it's quality over quantity :) The only good thing to come out of such cold weather is that it really pushes the boundaries of your wardrobe creativity, which, at the end of the day may make you try out unusual but maybe winning closet combinations.

Coat: obscure Bulgarian shop, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Lanvin for H&M, Tights: New Look, Boots: New Look


  1. oooo did you get a new coat??

  2. Yes I did, it's the type I told you I wanted to get :)


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