All Grown Up

A friend of mine recently showed me this photoshoot for the December issue of French Vogue where little girls have been made up to look like models. And here the debate begins: harmless fun, thought-provoking, or simply repulsive? I think for me the problem comes not so much from the clothes and make-up but from the poses and styling of the whole thing. It's amazing that kids can actually act in such a sophisticated way, but the concept is interesting and, what with the ever decreasing age of models, highlights the increasing sexualization of young girls, especially in the fashion industry. I read the commentaries underneath the article accompanying these pictures and most people react, naturally, with disgust, although I don't think that Vogue means to advocate young girls as acting like models or wearing make-up and high heels, but rather to offer yet another perspective on the fashion industry and its relationship to females.

Pictures from http://woman.hotnews.bg/n/izkustvo-ili-otvrashtenie-detsa-vuv-vogueparis.6198.html

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