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I recently saw Black Swan, the critically acclaimed film starring Natalie Portman who, once again, proves her diversity as an actress. Having seen her recently in the drama Brothers I was really able to appreciate her talent as an actress as she seamlessly slips from one extreme character to the next. Aside from singing Portman's praises though, what really drew me into Black Swan was the exquisite ballerina costumes, which, together with Natalie's grace and onstage presence, pushed the film into another realm. The film has you captivated as much by Portman's acting as by its aesthetics; simply said, everything is beautiful. Each actor and actress, each piece of clothing, each graceful movement. The darker element that comes across underneath simply makes you consider this beauty from a completely novel and alternative perspective.

Totally captivating, almost demonic make-up captured the drama of the film

If you're familiar with the film, you'll remember the scene where Nina (Portman) goes to an official reception where she is introduced as the prima ballerina of the Swan Lake production. The gown she wears in this scene is incredible and the two screenshots below simply don't do it justice, but unfortunately they were the only images I could find of dress.

A sketch of the amazing gown

Duality and inner struggles are some of the main themes of Black Swan, reflected to a great extent and in the starkest way through the monochrome contrast of Nina's double identity as the black and white swan. 

And here is a shoot that Natalie took part in for Vogue US's January 2011 issue, inspired of course by Black Swan. Mesmerising.

The film has enjoyed huge success and some have even linked it to collections such as ChloƩ's S/S 2011 which features lots of silks, sheers and delicate ballerina-esque colours and cuts:

Either way, the film is worth the watch if only for simply gawping at some extravagant fashion worn by some very beautiful people.

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