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Yes, it's so last year, but I am really lusting after some of these gorgeous specimens at the moment:

I blame D&G
I personally don't plan on wearing them that high...because yes, I would look ridiculous

They may look like something crossed between granny pants and chunky knitting gone wrong, but maybe its because I've seen some of my favourite bloggers (see below) working them so well that I have decided that I simply must have a pair (if you get a chance, you should definitely check out the blogs mentioned below by the way). Unfortunately they seem to be notoriously hard to find on the high street at the moment (as qualified by an hour's trot around Oxford and Regent Street yesterday), but, ever the optimist, I have searched high and low and have finally found somewhere that may just fulfill my granny pants/shorts desire...so stay tuned for a (possible) outfit post coming soon...if I'm lucky...

Via Oracle Fox blog
Via Frichic blog

And, in other news, this is the new issue of LOVE, coming out 7th Feb. Should be interesting-Kate Moss and a transexual model...or just another shallow cry of attention? We'll just have to wait another couple of weeks and check it out like I know I will despite my scepticism. 

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