Crisp n' Clean

I haven't done an outfit post in ages, which is kind of ironic given how many new items I've treated myself to in the last month or so. Hopefully if the weather stays this way I will be able to start to do some more frequent outfit posts over the coming weeks. Anyway, I'm starting off with my most recent purchase, this gorgeous white blazer from H&M. I've been seeing a lot of these on the high street and on people in general and one day I wandered out in search of the perfect white blazer. Usually when you're looking for something so specific you never end up finding it but I was in luck, and at £35 it really is a great bargain and a classic piece for the summer, especially with all the bright and crisp colours floating about.

I also recently bought this snug oatmeal cardigan from Primark which doesn't have that cheap quality usually associated with the shop. In fact it's so comfy that I just want to lounge about in it all day...

And finally, an article I wrote a while back for a new magazine called YUPPIE is finally ready and in the magazine (which is being distributed throughout the London College of Communication in print). However, you can read it online here:

Open publication - Free publishing - More fashion

And you'll find my article on page 30. Also, check out their website: http://www.yuppiemag.com/.


  1. LOOOOOOVE the looks, the location reminds me of the Vogue Italia editorial with Alana Zimmer :))

  2. Thanks! The location is nice and goes well with the clothes :)

  3. it reminds me soooo much of a Vogue Italia story with the cave and a US Vogue editorial by Demarchelier with Daria you know.


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