After handing in a huge project which had been hanging over everyone since October (can you believe it), there has been a sense of relief washing over my MA class. Tonight we hit the W Project, as a means to somewhat of a celebration (and there were plenty of Absolut cocktails going around). This is a project which celebrates women working across the creative industries and it was basically a private showing of some work which ranged from paintings to installations. Although it was packed to the rafters, I did managed to glimpse some of the stuff, a lot of which had a very humorous, tongue-in-cheek kind of tone to it. I was surprised to find however, that a lot of it also went down the generic feminist route...and I kind of thought that people, and especially women, had moved away from such obvious means of self-representation. Clearly not though. They did have a pretty cool little photo booth there though, which provided us with a good 20 mins of entertainment on the side :)

Starting an internship tomorrow, so exciting times, but also maybe meaning I won't be able to blog as much...I will do my best though. London has had an awesome two sunny days and if it stays like this I will definitely have to get snap-happy with my camera soon.

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PS-As it was International Women's Day today, I also want to wish all you ladies lots of love, happiness and hoping that all your dreams come true!

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