Ombre me

Ok, so I know the whole ombre thing is probably old news by now but I have been seeing it on more and more people recently and, if you have seen this post, you will probably know that I have been dyeing (get it?) to do this to my hair for a while now. For those who don't know, ombre hair or dip-dying, was quite a big trend for last summer and is going to be a big hit for S/S 11 as well. It basically involves having dark roots and lighter ends, as if you have had your hair dyed and it has now grown out..a lot. Another little known fact is that it costs between £50-£80 to get it done in a London salon. A lot of factors, both financial and boredom, made me buy a highlighting kit and do this myself at home. And kudos to others such as LLYMLRS who put up tutorials online and basically urged everyone to go for it. That's exactly what I did and below is the result. It takes a LOT of getting used to because the hair is now 2 colours and, if you do decide to do this, I would say buy yourself a good deep conditioner (I got Aussie's 3 minute miracle) because the lightened ends get extremely dry. Another thing that works well on this type of hair is the whole tousled, 'I've been on the beach all day' look, and for this purpose you'll need a salt texturiser spray. You can make this yourself at home or you can buy them from Boots-right now I have the Charles Worthington one. Last but not least I have been using the John Frida 'Go Blonder' spray to maintain the colour and make sure it doesn't go orange/rusty because my hair is quite dark and so I don't want the colour fading. I personally love the result because I've never had my hair this light before and it's a nice way to change it up a bit without dying your whole hair. After all, if you don't like the result, you can always cut the ends off or dye over the top of them. 

So, what do you think?


  1. I wanted to ask, for the Blonder spray, do you only spray the blonde sections or do you spray your entire head?

  2. Hi,

    It's up to you really! The idea of the spray is that it lightens your hair gradually so I have been spraying it everywhere (and maybe a bit more on the darker areas of my hair) in order to even out the contrast between the dark and the light bits. So now my hair is slightly lighter at the top and still really blonde at the bottom and I love it this way because it looks way more natural. But if you really want to have a big contrast between light and dark then you should only spray it on the blonde ends of your hair. If you want to spray it on the darker areas as well though be careful because if you have super dark hair then I don't know how exactly the spray will lighten your hair-it might make it go a reddish colour rather than a general overall golden brown it has made mine go. Hope this helps!

  3. thanks! I have auburn hair right now with blonde highlights growing out and i really wanted to give this a shot. Thanks for answering so quickly =)

  4. No problem! Just give it a shot and see what happens-this style is meant to be very messy so anything goes I think. Good luck!


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