The second of my sale buys from H&M from this post. Love the colour and sheer back (PS sorry for my labels sticking out all over the place!), although I'm gravitating towards pairing this with jeans, I think it'll look better than with shorts. I'm also desperate for these Zara heels-I've had my eye on them for a while and now that all the shops are having sales I'm hoping to be able to snag them at a bargain price (they are selling for £120 on Ebay!). One of the Zara stores in Frankfurt didn't have any trace of them, so I'm going to go and try my luck in the other couple or so. If anyone has any leads, please let me know, these are my dream shoes! And since these are my last few days in Frankfurt, I've also posted some thematic pictures of my time here (mostly with food). I'm just loving the way this camera takes pictures of food and objects, so you might be seeing a bit more of that on the blog.


  1. strahotna riza:)i mnogo hubavi pics

  2. Anonymous31/7/11 21:51

    you look incredible

  3. Страхотни снимки, а синьото на ризата е в перфектния контраст с цвета на косата ти!


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