Park ways

Who would have thought that on a rainy afternoon in Frankfurt, on the way to getting the charger for my Macbook fixed (for the second time in a week), I would wind up in a park with a cat and some really weird statues with knitted clothes on them?! So I thought, what an opportune moment to snap some, albeit rather dark and gloomy, photos of the weird atmosphere. The top is a bit of a summery buy from last summer's beach holiday in Bulgaria but I do love it because of the cut and pattern, even though its probably the female equivalent to the Hawaiian shirt. No one seemed to know why those statues and a random bench had some knitted apparel on them by the way.


  1. I love the dark atmosphere that flows from these pics and only you and the knitted clothes seem to breath life into this standstil landscape... Oh, and I forgot the cat ;-)

  2. haha yes, it's very witchy and weird indeed :))


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