Fellow Bloggers #1: Raya from Eden

Back in the (what now seems like) distant summer, I met up with a lovely group of Bulgarian bloggers as part of my MA final project. I had a lot of fun with these girls and I'm hoping to introduce a few of them to you over the coming weeks, as well as their unique senses of style and wonderful blogs.

First up, Raya and her blog, Eden. Raya and I spent a summery afternoon in Sofia, wandering the streets and looking for fashionable people to photograph for my project. We had a great time and I really admire this girl's passion for high heels! Here are some of my favourite pics from Raya's blog, which you can check out here: http://rayabo.blogspot.com/, along with her 10 questions. Enjoy!

1. Blogging is...a really fun and interesting way to spend my free time.

2. When not blogging you can find me...spending time with friends, shopping or listening to music.

3. I could never leave the house without...my phone.

4. My style icon is...Anna Dello Russo.

5. When people meet me for the first time they usually think...I'm older and work something connected with fashion.

6. You'll never see me wearing...harem pants.

7. I can't live without...fancy shoes.

8. The best thing about being a Bulgarian blogger is that...it's still something not that popular and I get to be more appreciated as a newcomer.

9. My passion in life besides fashion is...music and medicine.

10. In 5 years time I see myself...studying in a university somewhere in Europe, preparing to take over the fashion world! 

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