Motel Rocks

Last night I went along to the Motel Rocks blogger event held at the Motel showroom on Great Portland Street. I didn't know that much about the label before going there, but their winter collection, which included plenty of party dresses (and I do like my party dresses) was really great - lots of colours, sequins, mesh and some really interesting dresses with cool detailing. They also had some gorgeous day to day pieces, and when it came to picking out something that we liked from the collection it was really a hard choice! The event itself was also very fun and girly with cotton candy, popcorn, balloons, a nail bar and cocktails - what more could a girl ask for! I also got a first look at GlossyBox, which is everywhere these days, the idea being (if you didn't already know), that for £10 a month, they send you a box of samples of various products, each box being different each month. The people from GlossyBox were kind enough to send us a complimentary box, so I will finally get to check out the hype myself.

A few looks from Motel Rocks' winter/party lookbook:


  1. I had a feeling I was gonna spot myself in a few picture even though I kept trying to get away from all camera. It was a great event, hope you enjoyed it. wish I came to say hello. But anyway hello! lol (p.s I'm the one with the fur collar and brown jacket)

  2. Loved last night - glad you had fun too! :)
    Dreading seeing more photos that I managed to get myself into somehow haha (I'm the girl in the blue dress under all the balloons!)
    I can't believe how many bloggers managed to fit in that one room!! xxx

  3. Glad you guys had fun, it was an awesome event and it was nice to see so many people having a good time. Have you guys done posts on it? I would love to see the links!

  4. Was a fantastic evening and so great to meet other bloggers (I'm the cringey girl in leopard print looking up at a ballon lol) Their clothes were lovely I didn't know much about the brand either but when I got there it was really hard to chose something! Loving their crimbo collection! What item did you chose??
    Tilly M x

  5. Yeah, their party collection was pretty awesome, I chose the Lesley dress with the monochrome print triangles on it. What about you?


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