Monochrome spring

Spring is definitely here, and I hope it stays. 20 degree sunny temperatures are just my thing and I didn't think I would end up wearing this Motel Rocks dress until well into the summer months. I really love this dress' cool back and monochrome print. This is also the very first outfit post with my brand new Canon 60d which was a much-needed upgrade. Hopefully lots more outfit posts and pretty pictures to come now :)


  1. What a lovely dress!! I have been following you.I am Bulgarian blogging from USA. I love your book and will download it! Great job! Keep in touch.I am looking forward to seeing more of you!

    1. Hey Adelina! Thanks for your comment and it's nice to see a fellow Bulgarian ex-pat blogging about fashion. Love your blog as well, just checked it out, and am now following you via Bloglovin :)


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