Make Up Mirror Review

A couple of months ago I was approached by a lovely company called Make Up Mirror with an innovative product to review. As someone who is constantly bemoaning the fact that I don't have the right light in which to apply my make-up, this product was really something that I was excited to try.

The Make Up Mirror itself is beautiful to look at and would make a great addition to any bedroom. It has a stand or it can be hung on the wall (very useful, since I'm not great at DIY) and it consists of a white frame with 12 bulbs, a plug and a dimmer. The company also sells the mirror in a variety of different colours to suit your taste, including pink, black and leopard print, as well as in slightly larger sizes.

The first thing that I noticed when turning the mirror on was how even and flattering the light was—there's obviously a reason why most make-up artists and famous dressing rooms all have this type of mirror. And if you haven't got a natural source of light in the room where you do your make-up, this will really come as a very useful tool. Being able to fade the lights up or down is also a great feature as sometimes, you don't need the full force of the light bulbs (and, truth be told, they tend to get a little hot at full pelt). Ultimately though, it's one of those products that you don't realise how much you've missed in your life until you've actually used it—I definitely find it hard to do my make-up without this mirror now.

Overall—I absolutely love this mirror and would recommend it to anyone wishing for the perfect make-up light. Not only that, but it's so stunningly crafted that it really sets off any kind of decor you may have. For more information on the Make Up Mirror, check out their website here where you will also be able to shop the product.

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