Fashion Fall/New Talent

I had the great opportunity to be part of the Fashion Fall fashion show last night at LCF which was well put-together by some second year fashion design students. The show consisted of designs from some LCF womenswear graduates and there really is some exciting talent that the fashion world should look out for. These were my favourites from the show:
Knitwear by Carol Pikshan Lihttp://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/carolpsli
Anna Chong, very dark and gothic inspired designs. This one, used in the show was actually called the Dracula outfit: http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/annachong

Holly Somers. Wooden chunky necklaces and draped dresses which I modelled: http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/hollysomers

Kathryn McGee. I loved the boots which were made to look like really hairy little dogs. The second picture is from the fashion show itself and if you look really hard you can see the little snouts poking out from under all the hair on the boots: http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/kathrynmcgee
Loved the coat by Chika Itohttp://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/chikaito

Nora Deak: This jumpsuit was really cool, especially actually seeing someone wearing it in real life and how it could be combined with other garments. I love the neutral tones and beiges that Nora uses, especially in the dress and coat above paired with the bright tights: http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/showtime/noradeak

And here are some pictures from backstage. I don't know who designed these really cute boots, but they reminded me a bit of the McQueen brand with their little sculls.

The runway before showtime

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