Today I welcomed a new member into my H&M collection:

I'm a little bit obsessed with H&M...simply because I think it manages to offer stylish clothes for every occasion at a low price and, every time I'm in there, there seems to be some new clothes and accessories which essentially keeps people coming back for more. As usual, H&M didn't disappoint with its low price of £14.99 for this bag. It's also quite roomy inside and, for me, the perfect winter satchel. Talking about recent purchases, here is something I picked up a couple of weeks ago at the Covent Garden antique market (which takes place on Mondays) for £50.

It's faux fur and, although the price may be a little steep for such a vintage item, I really liked the colour and it's really come in useful over the past few freezing days we've had. I adore this little present I was given recently from Bulgaria. It looks like a small bag but inside it's actually got little compartments for things like credit cards and cash. What's even better is that the whole thing is made out of recycled products: newspaper, coffee packaging and even a tape measure for the strap. I think it's really innovative and unique, as well as being quite practical.


  1. This newspaper bag is amazing! Never seen anything like it.

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty cool idea :)

  3. the faux fur and both bags are insanely good :))) I LOVE the newspaper bag, it's really innovative

  4. It is isn't it :) Such an innovative take on recycling as well: combining being green as well as fashion=perfect


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