High street wish list...

Talking of purchases, as I was going around the shops today, and feeling slightly disappointed about the lack of decent clothes in places such as River Island and New Look, I wandered into Topshop and Miss Selfridge. I haven't been into shops such as these in a long while, firstly due to my current H&M obsession, and secondly, because I find places such as Topshop slightly overpriced. However I was surprised to find these perfect wintry items which I really want to get at some point:

Ultimate Military Camel Wool Cape, Topshop, £95

Hooded Duffle Cape, Topshop, £75

Flannel Navy Military Piped Cape, Topshop,  £85

Capes may be old news for some, but I think they have a timeless elegant quality, and for the more trend-conscious, the camel cape gives the opportunity to combine this item with one of this season's hottest colours. The prices are still rather steep, given the fact that you can get decent capes in New Look for around £45, but New Look never seems to have any sizes lower than a 12 which doesn't really help me out.
Chocolate Thigh High Boots, Miss Selfridge, £85

I've never really been a believer in thigh high boots since most people point out, rightly so, that they can have the tendency to look slightly hooker-ish. I tried these on however, and, with the right coat on top and maybe a long tunic worn over jeans or leggings, paired with these, will look great. For the time being though, I'll keep wishing...


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  2. Love these jackets!
    Really nice, professional blog:)

  3. They are really nice, I hope to be able to buy at least one soon :) Thank you for your comment :)

  4. I really like the military cape from TopShop. Gorgeous!

  5. Yes, it's really gorgeous isn't it :)


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