The Future Boho

Images via Mr and Mrs Globe Trot, Cheyenne meets Chanel, Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Fashion Toast, Google

I am totally in awe of this futuristic hippie look that so many bloggers are working right now. Mandy from Oracle Fox does this particularly well and I really want to learn from the best. What with this summer’s massive fringeing and cowboy/indians trend, 2011 may just be the season to experiment with this type of look. I just love the whole laidback vibe, the effortless faraway, breezy feel of it all, how it connects to exotic places and adventures. The collage above is my (first) interpretation of the trend and truly, I cannot wait for the warmer days to see what the streets of London will churn out in response to these elements. It just makes you want to raid markets in search of a piece of these old Native American bracelets, necklaces, feathers and faded, fringed jackets. And that's not even mentioning the beautiful hair...

Images from The Illustrated Edge and http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_7NtMs_zL1to/TOGoc7Co3gI/AAAAAAAAAEQ/VRFeKTJmWwA/s1600/gossip-girl-hair-updo.jpg

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