With Gossip Girl returning to our screens tomorrow, there really could be no better time to post these pictures of Blake and Leighton I dug up on the net, shot by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone in 2009. I'm really digging his candid, Gonzo-style photography at the moment and, of course, the girls are looking as good as ever. I personally cannot wait to see the feuds, dramas and, as ever, the wonderful fashions that GG will showcase this year.

In other news, a pair of these babies should be coming my way pretty soon, courtesy of ASOS:

They are pretty much like the ones seen on Frickys from frichic.com in the previous post here on knitted shorts, but I preferred the camel tone to the navy one. And obviously, I believe they have to be rolled up a bit, but otherwise, cannot wait :)


  1. I love this man and of course GOSSIP GIRL is one of my favourite telefilms! ♥ ♥


  2. He is truly awesome and I cannot wait for tomorrow! xx


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