Thrifting around

I've never really been that into charity/thrift store shopping. I usually go in, find that the majority of the items are a size 16-18 and that nothing will fit me and usually buy an old book or something. Yesterday however, must have been my lucky day. I went into an Age Concern charity shop and within minutes had located some pretty nice (and quite good quality items) which caught my eye. What made the experience even more appealing was that all the clothes were organized by size, so I immediately knew where to head over. I ended up buying this skirt (see below) which I thought would be perfect for the summer, and it has a very ethnic feel to it, which I like. It's also made of a linen-type material so I know it won't fall apart anytime soon. The jumper type t-shirt below is my second purchase, in good condition and it has a kind of mesh feel to it which I have wanted for ages. It's great for layering over tops and is quite long as well-I can see it working with shorts or even leggings and boots. Anyway, after such a positive experience I think I ll definitely be exploring charity/thrift stores more often, and it's nice to know that your money is going towards a good cause as well. 

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