Candy times

The fact that I was prompted today by my uni to start creating an online portfolio which would reflect all my MA projects throughout the year made me think of how quickly this course is going to fly by and how far I'd come already...scary times. I can't believe that I'll be graduating at the end of this year and then there will be no putting off going into the big bad working world. In the meantime though, check out my online portfolio at: http://shwt.me/vr6 which I will try and update as and when I complete new projects. It's not only a really good way to showcase work (especially for fashion journalism students like me who mostly have to embed publications from Issuu), but LCF have also launched an ipad application meaning that all of the online profiles can be viewed through the gadget at various student exhibitions, which I think is a really novel idea.

Creating this portfolio also reminded me of the very first project I did for the course, the brief of which was to do a photoshoot about 'anything you want'. So here is my result: candy galore with plenty of photoshop playfulness added in. Definitely a fun way to start the year!

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