Hot this week

First of all, today can't go by without mentioning Rihanna's hot new video for S&M. Raunchier than anything she's done before...but personally I love the colours and styling and I think the whole mood really suits Ri-ri's red look:

Another tune I'm digging this week is by the up and coming star Jessie J, called Price Tag. Really great things are happening for this little lady and I think she'll go a long way with that amazing voice and attitude:

Of course, Gossip Girl is now (thankfully) back on our screens and I couldn't help but feel that the latest episode (shown last night in the US) probably tugged at the heart-strings of every person that dreams of working in fashion one day. Blair and Dan intern at W magazine and if, like me, you are in the similar position of going through internship applications, this episode provides a mixture of hope and despair. The glamorous offices, the lavish parties and clothes all come with a pinch of salt when we are informed that Blair and Dan (and some other girls from Harvard, Yale, Parsons, etc) have all been carefully selected from thousands of applicants for the coveted internship positions. Thankfully, if you have interned before like me, you will know that this process is far from the glamorous business that Gossip Girl portrays it at. Add to that the fact that no-one really believes Blair when she says that "My mom is a fashion designer, she can't just call in favours from magazines (to get an internship". Thankfully fashionista.com were on hand to bust the myths of interning portrayed in the episode-read the article here.

Images from the internship episode


  1. I sooooo watched this episode loving the moments both Dan and Blair work at W and yeah it's sooo not like this in reality (lol so not real when Stefano Tonchi don't say anything to them while they're fighting on the floor loool!) but I did love that episode.

  2. Yeah I know, but being Gossip Girl, its probably about the only show that can get away with such an unrealistic portrayal of events :)


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