First, of all, call me cheesy but I just had to add those falling hearts on the blog, because yes it's Valentine's Day, and yes I'm one of those people who happens to like the fact that there is a special day dedicated to everyone who is loved up out there. I'm not saying go out and buy a thousand red roses and pink teddy bears, but I do like to just go out for a meal and keep it casual. So there's my views in case anyone was wondering :)

However my Valentine's day celebrations took place last night in a lovely restaurant called Gilgamesh in Camden which I would strongly recommend to anyone who likes that Asian fusion style cooking. Food aside, I'm wearing one of my few thrift store finds (actually I believe my aunt actually got this for me), a vintage Kookai dress which I really love and especially now that I've acquired the belt which I got as part of a really cute dress from Primark (which I will post photos of at some point).

PS Wow, I've just noticed how grumpy I look in these photos, I blame the excess over-eating at the restaurant.

Having recently run out of Benefit's High Beam highlighter I decided to try something new (and not spend £15 on the High Beam again), so I bought Topshop's powder highlighter. I've never tried or even seen a highlighter in a powdery form before so I though why not and, 2 weeks down the line I'd say I'm pretty pleased with the results. It does take some getting used to because it's easy to cake it on and then when you go out in broad daylight you end up looking like some weird shimmery alien, so I'd say moderation is the key. Oh and the lady at the counter recommended getting the lighter colour as I think it makes for a subtler tone. Ok I think I've ranted about make-up enough now, so have a Happy Valentine's Day :)

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