A Few things to Last you through February

I love these beautiful photos by Emily Abay who I discovered through the Little Plastic Horses blog. I have another magazine project coming up and I have an idea...which will definitely by more beauty orientated, and these pictures are perfect for that. Shame she's based all the way out in Australia but I would love to find a similar beauty photographer who can create this kind of tone and quality of shots. Fingers crossed.

I'm also pretty obsessed with feather headdresses at the moment, the whole Cowboys and Indians thing which it seems is going to be very big for the summer. More fringing and feathers please!

Other bits and pieces rocking up my inspiration this week are these gorgeous Furla Jelly Bags in popping neon colours which I saw on the Frichic blog. A brilliant summer staple.

Loving this photo by Richard Burbridge from 2008 called Pink Eye. It looks kind of freaky but there's something about the juxtaposition between the bright paint and the dark eye that makes this photo really captivating for me. Taken from http://www.fashionprojects.org/?p=521.

A Beautiful Mess blog and Honestly wtf blog have both featured the work of Maria Flore which I would describe as slightly eerie and unsettling, whimsical, but in taking you out of your comfort zone prompts you to really consider what her pictures are trying to convey. The first two images are from a series called Big Head Poetry and for me, it's really weird to see a typical image of a model whose head is completely masked by hair. Interpretations can be many and varied but I think Maria is really good at taking simple concepts and tweaking them to create thought-provoking images.

The most popular images from Maria's work however appear to be the sleep elevation series which kind of reminds me of those horror/ghost movies where the person is lifted out of their bed by a demon or something (can't think of any names right now though). But again, I think Maria has completely made this go the opposite way and these images portray a kind of eerie calm, fairytale quality about them. I also like how the colours in her pieces are muted and neutral, and a lot of it is about the shape of the model and the silhouette. Great stuff.


  1. those first pictures make me so jealous

    nice blog honey, check mine if you want, we might have a bit in common!
    a fashion blog by lydialee!

  2. Thanks girl! Love your blog as well and good luck with all your studies and ambitions!

  3. these images are amaxing, love the paint dripping down onto the eye it looks really cool :) xxx

  4. Yeah they really are beautiful and inspire that summer feeling!


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