LFW Day 1

So, LFW Day 1 has been and gone and, although I only saw one show today I still managed to catch a lot of the LFW action. First off, I went to Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Ones To Watch. This is usually a highly anticipated event as it features some raw talent in the form of up and coming designers and, I am told, the show rarely disappoints. I'm not going to go on and on about the designers because I'm sure that in the few hours between the show and now the net has probably been flooded with reviews. However, I think it's great that Fashion Scout are showcasing young talent and, judged by the way that Freemason's Hall was packed to the rafters, there is clearly something there worth talking about. Sorry for the quality of the images by the way, but it was really a tight squeeze in there and picture taking was not the easiest task.

Anja Mlakar showed some interesting use of cut and silhouette and I particularly liked her short dresses which flared out to the sides (see images below). If I remember rightly, she also had belts which looked like those floatation devices they have at your local pool, so very round and polystyrene looking, which I thought was quite cool.

Anja Mlakar herself

For me, Kirsty Ward stole the show with her gorgeous sheer fabrics and chunky statement necklaces reminiscent of tribal elements. These great pieces of jewelery really complemented the mesh-like texture of the sheer garments she had her models wearing and I liked the neutrality of the colours used.

Tze Goh kind of reminded me of the Yohji Yamamoto aesthetic-very minimalist, clean lines and emphasis on shapes and also the idea that the structure of the garment is important and that the female body doesn't necessarily have to be clad in skin-tight and body-hugging garments. This collections was very much therefore, about cut and material. For me, it was a little too on the plain side and I don't think I would wear something so minimalist, but it fits perfectly into where fashion sits at the moment.

Tze Goh, the designer

Sara Bro-Jorgensen was another kettle of fish altogether. Her work featured beaded and knitted detailing, as well as some signature hats that were almost hood-like in the sense that they fastened at the neck-so almost like a hat meets detachable hood-type contraption. The focus on headgear definitely made the collection stand out. Maybe this is a look we ll be rocking come winter 2011?

And finally, things and people I saw randomly today:

A taxi covered in fake grass, kind of like astroturf (if you've ever played hockey or football you'll know what that is) which was promoting the Marc Jacobs' perfume Daisy.

Street style around Somerset House-I have to say, today the boys really went to town. They were dressed up to the nines and it was fabulous to see them make such an effort and, in some cases, a pretty whacky fashion statement.

Partners in crime at Somerset House-Hannah and Lorelei.

And this is what I wore today although I swore that, after running around all afternoon I would not be wearing heels to anymore LFW events. We'll see how long that resolution lasts...Anyway, a lovely lady at Bruuns Bazaar was nice enough to lend me some of their gorgeous clothes to wear all this week to LFW so I will be trying to showcase them as much as possible. Their pieces are really gorgeous, well-made and versatile. I was like a kind in a candy store trying to pick out what I would borrow :) Their ready to wear line, stocked at John Lewis (but only on Oxford St) also has some affordable dresses selling for £99 which, bearing in mind the quality of the fabric, is pretty reasonable. Today I chose this lace dress that I picked out. It's very summery but also very simple and chic.

And finally, check out the man with half his face painted black sitting fourth row at the show today-now that's what I call a really weird and wonderful fashion statement if ever there was one!

Goodnight London, on to another day tomorrow, stay tuned!

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