LFW Day 2

Day two of LFW kicked off with the Esthetica brunch at Somerset House. Esthetica is dedicated to showcasing ethical fashion businesses and designers, as well as giving information about sustainable and eco fashion. It was my first time seeing the work of eco designers but I was amazed at the level of innovation and diversity among them, proving that sustainable and ethical fashion should have just as big a place in the fashion industry as any other. It was also a very relaxed and informal affair, allowing us the opportunity to chat to the exhibitors and get to touch and observe the designs closely.

Girls who brunch:

I was intrigued by these paper eyelashes that were also on display at the Embankment Galleries. Each pair of eyelashes is made, apparently, of paper and cut out into some pretty intricate shapes. I wouldn't say they look great on (I saw some people having them done), but I guess they would be good for a fashion show or some other sort of eccentric affair.

This was not one of the Esthetica designers but I thought the pieces were beautiful and very glam.

This was my outfit for today, another gorgeous Bruuns Bazaar dress, this time worn with flats and I think my feet thanked me all the way home.

And my crazy tights of course:

After a hard morning of brunching at Esthetica, a well-earned break:

And, in today's interesting people and things I saw installment, it was definitely a day for the hats. I especially like the second and third picture which is actually of a couture milliner called Alison Tod who very was very cleverly championing her own design by wearing it on her head. And it really caught a few eyes I can tell you.

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