Spots are in

The first of my Frankfurt sale items. This dress is from H&M and is really easy to wear although kind of hard to walk in if you're in a hurry (although as you can see, I have tried to demonstrate running in one of these pictures...). I'm loving it's colour and pattern and have a feeling it would look even better with a nice dark tan. And if you're still stuck on getting summer items, definitely hit Zara and Mango who have around 70% off at the moment and some really great stuff that is reduced massively. I'm thinking about re-ombreing my hair (see here if you have no idea what I'm talking about) to get a bit more contrast going in the colour and get the ends really light because, let's face it, this is probably a style which is only going to work in the summer and there's only like a couple of months of that left at best...but it's very damaging to my hair so we shall see. For now, I hope you enjoy these photos!


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