Cushy Couture

A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to be involved in a photoshoot for designer Sabrina Platz's most recent collection, something that I mentioned here. Also a fellow London College of Fashion attendee like myself, Sabrina's clothes really blew me away-I loved everything from the colours, to the fabrics, the textures and the cuts of the clothes. And, being someone who loves the dress up anyway, I think a lot of these pieces would have been perfect for a night out. We got a lot of funny looks shooting around Camden, but it was an extremely fun day and credit must also be given to the rest of the team who did a fantastic job:

Photographer: Elliot Dollie

You can see more of Sabrina's designs here: http://www.cushy-couture.de/


  1. The 5th and 6th pic are my favorites Devora! Good job everybody!

  2. I love those photos Devora, you think I could feature them in our October issue?


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