New In: Thrift finds & more

During my meeting with the lovely Mira from Thrift Queen's Closet yesterday, we spent quite some time thrifting around in a big Sofian market full of second hand clothes and accesories. I've never really been that into thrifting but I think Mira convinced me that you can really find some great things if you have the patience to look hard enough. I found a nice sleeveless shirt from Gap which I think would be cute worn tied up with a high waisted skirt, and a cool white tunic top/dress perfect for the Bulgarian summer heat. I also managed to find myself a nice basket today (not thrifted) to replace my broken one, so I've satisfied the shopping cravings for now. I ll hopefully be able to show you some nice outfit posts with these things soon. I'm now off to the land of no internet again, but I will catch up with the blog next week :) Have a great weekend!

And here is a little picture from my time in Plovdiv where I met the lovely Reneta from Lifestyle Vogue, as well as Ivelina from Frichic and Veneta from Edgy Cuts.


  1. Anonymous5/8/11 13:01

    сори за любопитството, но кой е маркета? предварително благодаря ,)

  2. Glad you liked it:)
    Anonymous, market-a e v Drujba 1, golemia magazin do benzinostanciata:)

  3. Thrift Queen knows it all :))

  4. Супер покупки!
    Хубав блог, вече те следя :)

  5. Merci merci :) Radvam se che ti haresvat!


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