The Last of the Superheroes with Angel Jackson

"Cartoon brights, oversized simplicity, geometric patterns, clashing prints, modern sportswear and androgynous styles" is the epitome of the Angel Jackson SS12 collection, which I saw today. Having impressed me with their exquisite metallic pieces at LFW in February, I was excited to see what the brand had to offer for the coming summer. Inspired by superheroes and old school comic strips, the bags injected a much-needed dose of fun for next season, with colourful feathers, sequins and patterns, all accented with a heavy dose of white which was a sight for sore eyes given the dull and autumnal London day outside. Not only does each bag have a story, but each is also individually hand crafted, so what you are getting is essentially something extremely precious and unique. What I liked most about the collection was the sense of fun and playfulness that radiated from the bags, together with functionality-the collection covers everything from satchels to delicate purses to ipad cases, and there is something in there for everyone-for those wishing to be elegant, stylish, extravagant, you name it! And of course, coming back with my own piece of Angel Jackson (last two pictures), was an undeniable bonus :)

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