Hanneli x Rag & Bone

I absolutely love these candid shots that blogger Hanneli Mustaparta recently debuted for the Rag & Bone DIY project, which sees the likes of supermodels such as Miranda Kerr and Abbey Lee Kershaw being given a bunch of clothes and a camera through which to display their personality, which then forms part of Rag & Bone's campaign. I have to say, I haven't liked many of these campaigns in the past, but I really like Hanneli's beautiful and natural images.

PS If any of you lovely readers have some tips for your favourite DSLR camera, I would love to hear them, since I am thinking about getting myself a new one to replace my Canon Powershot. Please leave your suggestions in the comments box, thanks!


  1. My fave so far! :)

  2. Yes, it's awesome and she is so beautiful!

  3. Ханели (ако така се чете името и) е страхотна.Обожавам я! :-)

  4. opredeleno e mn gotina i krasiva!


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