Guest post: Everything for the woman

Today on the blog, I have a very special guest blogger called Borislava. She and her friends run a very successful Facebook page and blog, called 'Everything for the Woman' or 'Всичко за Жената' in Bulgarian, and I liked the ideas that they post so much, that I thought I would ask Borislava to do a little post for Straight Up Style. 

First though, a little bit about 'Everything for the Woman' in Borislava's own words:

'I have always been interested in fashion and pretty girly things, but my profession is not connected with style at all, so it more a hobby of mine. It all started while I was studying for my final university exams in June 2011 - everyone knows that when you have to study you do everything else but the actual studying. I have a big photo collection and decided to share it with other girls, so I created the Facebook page and started posting. I never believed that so many girls will join the page. After the first month I realised that I will need more help keeping the page alive. After a while, two of my own friends joined to help me and we have been running the page ever since, until this month, when they left to take internships abroad. So for now I will try to keep up with the page and the blog (which we created several months ago) alone. The blog is a mixture of crafty and DIY ideas which we found online and various tutorials (hairstyle, nail art or interior design). It also features an "Outfit of the Day" column, in which we present an outfit we like from fashion bloggers all over the world'.

Borislava has put together three inspiration boards based around the 'boho' look, which I personally love and will definitely be trying out this summer. For more about 'Everything for the Woman', check out the Facebook page here, the blog here and you can follow them on Twitter: @vsichko_za_jena.

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