Barbados Instagram Diary

Here's a little bit of what I got up to in Barbados, in the form of an Instagram diary. This is fast becoming my favourite app, so sorry for all the Instagrammy posts!

From left to right:

Dining out - Sunset from our hotel room - Enjoying pancakes on the balcony - Beautiful view from out hotel room - The hotel cat - Advertisements for alcohol everywhere - More pancakes - Massive papayas - Traditional Barbadian food - Riding along in the car - More traditional food - Gorgeous mosaics on the pavement - The harbour in Bridgetown - The weather, which stayed pretty much constant regardless of day or night - Different types of fish in Barbados - Beach view - Horse riding - Dramatic clouds - More horse riding - Yummy watermelon - On the beach - Palm tree - Gorgeous Barbadian seafood - Beach view on a sunny day - Beach view on a cloudy day

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