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As you guys may be well aware now, I am a big Eastpak fan. Although, granted, I didn't know much about the company and their products before I became acquainted with the brand, it's been a real pleasure to get to know how they make their bags with a design precision for every situation and lifestyle.

For my second Eastpak product review post, I will be having a look at the brand's spring/summer Core Series collection, and specifically the Floid rucksack and the Talor tablet bag. At first glance, the idea of having a series of bags specifically designed with technology and urban living in mind seems genius. I struggle on a daily basis of having to lug various items (like my laptop) around and not having the suitable storage that can both make the trip comfortable as well as safe for my pieces of technology. 

The Floid rucksack solves this problem perfectly, and, although I am by no means a "rucksack person" I have to say that I am somewhat drawn into this particular piece due to its design and functionality. 

The Floid looks like your typical rucksack from the outside—mine is black in colour with several straps and zips. Upon closer inspection though, and if you pick it up, you will notice that it's quite sturdy in its design and surprisingly lightweight. Holding 16 L of storage space and with an impressive 30 year warranty, you definitely get the feeling that you get a lot more than what you bargained for with the Floid. 

Now, onto the specifics: this particular rucksack has a foam padded body and ergonomic shoulder straps—basically they are very soft and provide the type of comfort and support you need when lugging around a rucksack of this size (I walked around with it for a day and can testify to this fact!).

What I love most about this rucksack though, has to be the plethora of compartments and pockets which make organization a cinch, especially if you are carrying around various chargers, USBs, etc. The front pocket is even padded so that whatever goes in this most vulnerable part of the bag doesn't get knocked or damaged.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of this backpack though, has to be the laptop sleeve, which is integrated into the rucksack itself. It is, of course, padded and can fit laptops up to 15" in size. So no need to worry anymore about lugging around your laptop separately—all you need to do is pop it into its own padded compartment in the rucksack and then use the main one for all your other bits and bobs. 

Additionally, just like the carry on luggage that I reviewed earlier in the year, the Floid features compression straps that are very useful for reducing the overall size of the bag and making it a more snug fit. Prices for this particular model are £60 on the Eastpak website—in my opinion, a worthy investment for anyone who has to do the daily grind with their technology in tow!

The second item on my review list is the Talor tablet bag. First of all, and since this is a fashion blog, I  have to mention that I absolutely love the color of this piece. The grey ash blend of the pouch makes it really versatile, sleek and easy to carry around. It's very professional looking and can easily be taken with you no matter where you go.

I tried the Talor out with an iPad, although it can fit in other tablets, or even small computers. The first thing to notice is its neoprene interior. Marking a contrast from the exterior, the inside is fully lined and padded with this material, ensuring your technology won't get damaged if you decide to carry this around as a bag on your daily grind (it has a strap at the top that enables you to do so). And, with its multitude of pockets and compartments, this is definitely a great little accessory to have should you need to travel light with only your tablet and a few notes and other items in tow. The front and inside pockets, as well as the velcro-closed back pocket, allow for the storage of any extra items.

Again, this brilliant piece from Eastpak comes with 30 years warranty and a decent £25 price tag from their website. If you own a tablet or small computer that always gets knocked around when you carry it inside your bag, then this is a definite must-have. And, for all us ladies who need all our extra essentials as well as our tablet and its case, the good news is that this Eastpak case is so small and snug that it can even go inside your handbag if you don't fancy carrying it around on its own.

Overall I am very impressed with Eastpak's Core Series. Technology and travel play a great part in our commuters' lives today, and finding solutions that significantly challenge the difficulties that many people face with their technology and its mobility is a definite step in the right direction for me. Check out Eastpak's website for more information!

*Please note that this is a sponsored post with gifted items. However, all opinions expressed are my own


  1. Hi Devora! :)

    That a very good review,and even though it's sponsored one it really feels that you are sincere in your opinion.There are so many people out there writing reviews that seem forced.I will definitely consider buying Eastpak backpack in the future! :)



  2. Здравей, прекрасен пост и блог между другото!
    Правя първия giveaway в блога си, съвместно с един страхотен онлайн за обувки и те каня да участваш! =)




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