Camper Loveday!

If you're a fan of cool shoes and an even cooler brand, I definitely recommend checking out Camper. I really like them due to their variety and quality of footwear, ranging from the pretty and girly, to the practical and downright kooky. What's even better though, is the engaging nature of their new campaign, which invites you to get involved!

Camper´s latest Autumn/Winter advertising campaign reveals how their latest collection of shoes were inspired by different objects. The Kremer Collection may have been inspired by Chocolate Cake, but Camper want to know, what comes to your mind when you see this shoe?

For this purpose a special platform has been created where people can contribute by sharing images inspired by Camper’s new collection. Visitors can take part by uploading their photos during October and November via Twitter, Instagram or Flickr using hashtags (#lovepelotas, #lovekremer & #lovevalley) and via Facebook app.

It can be a scene, an object or a desire that creates the stimulus for the image. Camper hopes to build up an inspiring collection of images and see what people feel about its footwear. But to thank everyone for sharing their ideas, they have made a little competition: the image with the most likes wins a pair of shoes!

Not only will Camper be running this competition, they will also be hosting Lovedays!
To celebrate its love for shoes, Camper will also hold four different LOVEDAYS in-store during October and November. Each LOVEDAY will be a little surprise in the calendar and offers customers the opportunity to win shoes and also other gifts. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and the website to stay in the loop. For your chance to win a prize, bring the object that you think of when you see the Kremer collection along to the LOVEDAY event.

The London LOVEDAY event will take place at 8-11 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street Camper Store and for more information view the Camper Blog here: http://blog.camper.com/en/come-to-our-camper-loveday/. 

To participate simply go to www.camper.com/love to find out more or go to www.facebook.com/camper to stay in touch.

I'm glad to see some more interactive and cool ideas like these coming from brands, and I hope more follow in their footsteps. If you're in London, or any of the other cities participating in the LOVEDAYS, be sure to head over to your local Camper store and check it out!

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