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I used to hate the idea of any leather items, bar boots and maybe a nice handbag. That is, until leather became really fashionable to wear and became transposed into all sorts of items; not just your generic leather jacket anymore, but also leather tops, dresses and skirts. So here is my recent purchase from Oasis, a faux-leather skirt that caught my eye due to the softness of the material and the pure versatility of the item (and at £40, quite cheap for such a skirt) I also think the different texture really adds another dimension to an otherwise boring outfit, and is a great way to wear something edgy and different in this winter climate where dressing daringly is becomingly increasingly more difficult:

Necklace: Topshop, T-shirt: Maison Scotch, Skirt: Oasis, Boots: H&M

What affirmed my belief that leather is back for good in clothing, and actually looks amazing too rather than being simply a fashion fad, is this amazing shot I saw on the Copenhagen Street Style blog (http://copenhagenstreetstyle.dk/):

Marcella is wearing a gorgeous dress from...would you believe it...H&M. My favourite brand at the moment strikes again. Looking at her you would think that she is wearing a fully designer ensemble but the fact that H&M can produce such amazing leather (or faux-leather) pieces means that you can work this look and still look a million dollars. I love the simplicity of this outfit, which is so striking at the same times, and I particularly like the head-to-toe camel tones that she is working. In other leather news, I saw these shorts in River Island the other week and was immediately drawn to them due to their cute flower cut-out detailing:

Shorts, River Island, £29.99

On closer inspection though, they turned out to be made of a really flimsy leather-like material which, for the winter, really won't get you anywhere. Perfect summer shorts though and they really give the leather look a feminine twist.

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