Thomas Tait

I'm excited to be seeing 2010 Central St Martin's graduate Thomas Tait at London Fashion Week 2011 in February. The designer has already caused quite a stir with his graduate collection which was picked to appear at London Fashion Week's graduate show. Here is a brief look at a few pieces from his debut, A/W 2010 collection:

Tait's sketchbook, showing part of the design process

What inspires me about him is that he had no intent to even go into fashion design (according to an interview with elle.com-read it in full here: http://www.elle.com/Fashion/Fashion-Spotlight/Thomas-Tait-and-London-Fashion-Week). To me, he comes across as authentic and motivated and I particularly like the emphasis on silhouette and the body which his first collection captures so well. It is, after all, a collection inspired by his fascination with shoulder blades and pelvic bones. Despite the deceptive simplicity of this debut, the fashion world has been taken by storm. Manolo Blahnik has commented that, "Thomas has such potential. The couture of it, the lines – his work is exceptional and wonderful.” (http://www.businessoffashion.com/tag/thomas-tait) and the Canadian youngster (the youngest ever person to join and complete his course) has also collaborated with ASOS. All amazing feats by a 22 year old graduate in a financial climate where young designers rarely get so much attention and recognition. Interestingly, his designs remind me a lot of these dresses I saw on the ASOS website, in terms of the clean lines, simplicity and minimalism and the strong cuts:
Aqua cutout cuckoo dress, ASOS, £76

As above

As above

Aqua Wendy One Shoulder Peplum Dress With Structured Frill, ASOS, £108

As above
Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more colour in the forthcoming A/W 2011 show due to show in London in February. He has already exhibited signs of nude tones with his S/S 2011 collection, but I think his lines and play on shapes would be even more striking with a splash of brights and maybe even some texture. I'll report back in 2011 and let you know if he took any of my suggestions on board :)

Thomas Tait, S/S 2011

As above

As above

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