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Following from Ralph Lauren's highly conceptualised projection mapping show at their flagship stores in London and New York last month, other brands have been quick to jump to keep up with the standards set by the fusion of art, fashion and technology by this megabrand. There have been complaints that this technology is 'old news' but the fact remains that this is a relatively innovative way to build upon existing relationships with the fashion-conscious shopper, whilst subtly reinforcing the values and foundations of a brand with a definitive heritage, such as Ralph Lauren. Here is the Ralph Lauren show as it happened on 10th November, and a little video to accompany, which explains the reasoning and set-up behind this increasingly more interactive way to communicate with the consumer:

Ralph Lauren 4D // Behind the Scenes from Yatzer on Vimeo.

Like I said, many brands have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, including H&M (yes, there is definitely an H&M theme to some of my posts) which recently put on this show in Amsterdam at their flagship store at the end of November:

I think it's great that even such a brand targeted at the 'low-budget' consumer, such as H&M, is able to bring not only some brilliant designer lines to its customers, but can also use the same technology that a label such as Ralph Lauren would use to attract someone who can perhaps afford to spend a little bit more money. Maybe fashion really is being democratised, or maybe the vast advances that rapidly developing technology can bring are simply too big of an opportunity to miss out on by any label worth their salt. Whatever your verdict, there's no denying the great show :)

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