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Someone on twitter earlier this week made a very valid comment: 'Have June and April made some sort of a pact to switch places this year or what?' And yes, it seems that they have-I don't think I have ever seen it rain here every day. But enough about the weather. Since I won't be able to post any outfits anytime soon due to the monsoon we're having I dug up these old photos from a photoshoot I did a couple of years ago on a beach in Brean (I think that's what it's called). It was soo cold and so windy but we had a lot of fun. This dress I got about 3 years ago in New Look and I still wear it-in fact its good for both summer and winter looks as you may remember from this post.

All photographs by Carl Maycock (www.carlmaycock.com)

And, in other news, is everyone excited about the announcement that Versace are to design a line for H&M? As a huge H&M fan I'm happy that so many big names in fashion are opting to do diffusion lines for the store because it means that ordinary folks like us can have a slice of high fashion at an affordable price. And judging by the pre-spring line that Donatella has designed for H&M (due to launch in January next year), the main collection (which is due to go on sale this November) is bound to be a huge hit.

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