A little piece of paradise

I don't think I haven't blogged for over a week since this blog started but I have a good excuse for my being a bit awol the past few days. And that reason is that I spent the last few days in the gorgeous Ibiza-the perfect start to what I hope will be an amazing summer. For those who haven't been to the island, it's not all parties and pills. On our last day we explored the gorgeous Dalt Villa which is basically the medieval part of Ibiza town and it had some of the most breathtaking and romantic scenery I have seen. Other than that, what can I say? The island completely lives up to its reputation of amazing scenery, hot weather and the best clubs in the world. I would definitely recommend Pacha which had a great atmosphere and lots of crazy cold air sprayed every once in a while to cool everyone down. This is also in some ways a mini-outfit post-the dress I'm wearing below is actually from Tescos and I'm amazed at how much nice stuff they had in there. This is the perfect summer dress-very light, wearable and with nice colours.

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