Nail Rock

Excuse the photo quality (since these were taken with photobooth), but after my hand-in date for my final MA Project (which you can buy/download here), I will be freer to take and post cool pictures. For now, here are the Nail Rock nail foils that I got as part of my November Glossybox. I did these last night on the train (random, I know), and I was surprised at how easy they were to apply and stay on as well. They are essentially stickers for your nails, but they are very resilient and they are supposed to last for around a week to ten days. Although, as far as nails go, these are a little too out-there for me, I think that Nail Rock is a really fun and easy way to get fun nails for a special occasion. 

PS If you guys have a minute, please check out and like the fan page for my book which you can find here. You will also find lots of cool pictures of the girls I took over the summer, and their amazing outfits.

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